Why subscriptions?

We believe the subscription model is the most effective way to deploy, manage, and secure open source technology. It's a perfect complement to the rapid innovation of the open source model.

The subscription model means you're more than just a customer

In the traditional method of software delivery, the vendor is in control. Upgrades are costly. Access to help is limited. And there's not much incentive for the vendor to improve the software between upgrades.

In contrast, the subscription model lets Red Hat® create a mutually beneficial, cyclical relationship with our customers:

  • First we deliver new technology as soon as it's available.
  • Then we provide unlimited support at no additional cost.
  • And finally, the feedback we get from regularly working with you helps us deliver better technology tomorrow.

Each product version is supported for 7 years, so you benefit at your own pace. A subscription means you receive ongoing returns from your investment.

World-class support

Your subscription includes ongoing service and support, which means we can help your systems remain secure, reliable, and up-to-date. When you have a question, you have a choice. You can speak directly with Red Hat Certified Engineers. You can also access our technical Knowledgebase. And you can feel assured of superior support, because if you're not satisfied, we know you'll choose not to renew.

Lower your deployment risks

Subscriptions help you support your infrastructure as your company grows. Traditional software licenses lose value over time. But with the subscription model, you pay as you go. And the value returns to you over the lifetime of the subscription in the form of updated features, security enhancements, and additional hardware and software support. You reduce your financial risk by having predictable IT costs.

The subscription model lets Red Hat create a true relationship between us and our customers before there's a problem. That means low-cost, high-value computing.

What do you get for your subscription?