Why collaboration?

Collaboration is simple. It means we do something better when we do it together.

Innovation thrives in open environments where everyone is allowed to share knowledge and work together toward common goals. My idea might not work. But it could spark your idea that will.

What does collaboration mean for Red Hat?

Open source isn't a marketing tool.  Collaboration isn't the buzzword of the week.  They're our business model.  A community of developers working together means the best technology wins.  And we've found that a collaborative culture is not just the best way to build technology, but also the best way to spur innovation across our industry.

Sharing and access lead to success

Open source allows an unprecedented level of sharing and access. We work directly with the community through Fedora and other open source projects. We work with our partners and customers at every stage of development and support, which leads to success like Red Hat® Enterprise MRG.

Community projects evolve into Red Hat technology

Community is fundamental to our success. The Fedora community releases early and often, every 4-6 months. The absolute latest packages are included. Over time, the most mature and stable features evolve into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Similarly, JBoss® Community projects feed directly into JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

Collaboration isn't confined to development, though. It extends to everything we do at Red Hat. We participate in projects like One Laptop Per Child. And our developers work toward the spread of open source through efforts like the IcedTea project.