Supplier information and requirements

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This website contains information about Red Hat, Inc. and Red Hat, Inc.'s subsidiaries ("Red Hat") Procurement and Accounts Payable policies and practices.

Review the information and guidelines in this website. INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Complete the appropriate form(s) below. If you have any questions, contact Red Hat at unless otherwise noted below. Red Hat will not accept unsolicited forms.

1. Purchase order requirements

A purchase order is required from Red Hat for all goods and services with the exception of office leases, utilities, accounting, and legal services. Do NOT ship products or perform any services until you have received a purchase order from the Red Hat Procurement office.

2. Shipping information

An authorized purchase order number must be printed on the shipment label. An itemized packing list must accompany each shipment and must include:

  1. Red Hat purchase order number.

  2. Description of goods in line item format with corresponding quantities and prices, or a detailed description of services performed with corresponding service rates.

Outside shipper labels must include Red Hat purchase order number.

3. Invoice and payment

Invoices should be submitted only for the services/goods actually provided over the invoiced time period, regardless of the amount stated on the Purchase Order document. Authorized changes to a purchase order must be obtained in advance, in writing.

All invoices should be sent to the "Bill-to" address noted on the Red Hat purchase order.

  1. The Red Hat purchase order number must appear on any invoice for goods and services that require a purchase order. If a purchase order is not required, the Red Hat employee name and department requesting the service must appear on the invoice.

  2. The invoice must include the information described in Section 2 hereof. Descriptions, information, and supplier name should match the information presented on the purchase order. Failure to provide invoices in this manner may delay payments.

  3. Invoices for goods or services not yet delivered will not be considered to be valid invoices, unless pre-payment is agreed upon in a fully-executed agreement between Red Hat and the supplier.

4. Accounts payable contact information

Questions concerning Red Hat accounts payable procedures should be submitted to Accounts Payable at for services/goods provided to North American Red Hat facilities and at for services/good provided to European Red Hat facilities.

5. Supplier diversity policy

The mission of Red Hat Procurement is to purchase the highest quality, most cost-effective materials and services using the concept of total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership is comprised of quality, price, service, cost flexibility, responsiveness, reliability, lead time, and technology.

Red Hat is committed to purchasing products and services from small, women-owned, small disadvantaged, minority, disabled veteran, and HUBzone suppliers. Red Hat believes strategic sourcing that includes diverse suppliers is essential for the economic success of Red Hat and the community. It is our intention to offer these businesses the opportunity to compete on an equal basis.

6. Supplier ethics policy

Red Hat strives to obtain lower costs in all business operation areas while requiring the highest level of business integrity in its dealing with suppliers. This standard requires that all suppliers, and the Red Hat employees who work with them, should endeavor to deal honestly, ethically, and fairly in these relationships. Compliance is critical to our company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy.

To ensure the integrity of our supplier relationships, all Red Hat suppliers are expected to acknowledge their agreement with the following code of ethics and to apply this code in all dealings with Red Hat.

Failure to sign and return the Code of Ethics certification may result in the supplier's disqualification from providing future goods or services.

"Supplier" means any company, corporation, or other entity that sells or seeks to sell goods or services to Red Hat.